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Find every spot & corner in the Mother City that supplies a good leaf

We all know the struggle of finding good spots to buy dagga. Thankfully, with the recent ease in regulations, the South African cannabis market is thriving, and new dispensaries & private clubs are opening nearly every month.

We've compiled a list of top cannabis dispensaries & clubs in the Mother City. Based on the High Five Team's experience, this guide highlights the best spots to buy cannabis and edibles in Cape Town. This community-built guide is always growing, so feel free to share any hidden gems with us at

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Best Cannabis Shops in Cape Town

Disclaimer: This list isn't ranked by shop quality. We've been to each of these fantastic spots and enjoyed them all equally. We hope you will too!

Green & Purple Dispensary, 75 Roeland Street

Surrounded by charming cafes and the renowned Truth Coffee, Green & Purple cannabis dispensary is a must-visit for any cannabis connoisseur. With comfy couches and an incredibly friendly staff inside, you're guaranteed a positive and relaxed vibe during your visit. With the dispensary operating legally under Section 21, you’ll need to fill out a simple form to receive a prescription for your cannabis purchase. The process is quick and easy, and with the help of the friendly staff, you'll be ready to enjoy your smoke in just 5 minutes. Plus, they offer some of the lowest prices in the city. More bush for less cash, huh!

The Green Mill, 24 Dunkley St

For those who appreciate beautiful interiors and a stylish atmosphere, The Green Mill social club is the perfect destination for your cannabis journey. Located in the heart of Gardens, this inviting spot is great for enjoying an evening (or a day😉) with fellow cannabis enthusiasts. Smoke, converse, or play various table games for added excitement. The skilled barista can prepare any mocktail, including those infused with cannabis. By the way, you’ll find them at their new location at 223 Bree St, too!

Joy, 75 Kloof St

Featuring an absolutely beautiful open air terrace, Joy Dispensary in Gardens will surprise you with their range of cannabis strains and edibles. This relaxed spot is perfect for enjoying cannabis outdoors with friends. Surrounded by multiple cafes & restaurants, Joy is a perfect spot to satisfy after-smoke munchies. You'll need a prescription to buy leaf, but their friendly staff will sort you out quickly. They also host various monthly events (we love the edibles tasting), so be sure to join in for a social experience!

Infusion Club Sea Point (and other locations)

Infusion Club is a comprehensive network of cannabis spots, boasting 9 bud bars and 3 restaurants as of June 2024. Spread across Cape Town, from the sleek and stylish Northern Suburbs to the vibrant and bustling Sea Point, these social lounges are designed for relaxation, connection, and cannabis enjoyment, all while creating lasting memories. These venues go beyond the typical “stop & shop” experience by offering food, cocktails, and a variety of events. To access their facilities, you must register as an Infusion Club member, which may include a fee — but it’s totally worth it!

The 420 Doctor, 41 Main Road

Conveniently located near Cape Town DHL Stadium and numerous Green Point cafes, The 420 Doctor is an ideal spot to shop before enjoying a walk in the beautiful Stadium area. This dispensary features a wide variety of cannabis strains and an entire section dedicated to edibles. Be sure to check out their impressive selection of cannabis merchandise from local designers!

Blind Tiger, 28 Hudson St

Step into Blind Tiger, a quintessential “De Waterkant” private club with dim lighting, Persian carpets, loft walls, and ample smoke and chill areas. This venue is the epitome of cannabis culture. Indulge in locally made drinks, engage in table games, meet a friendly community, and enjoy comedy nights, concerts, and many other events for a memorable cannabis experience.

Canna Studio, 309 Long St

A lovely and welcoming cannabis club located in the heart of Cape Town City Centre. This place offers top-shelf products that truly stand out. Enjoy a variety of premium cannabis strains and edibles, all just a few steps away from some of the best restaurants in the city.

We hope you enjoyed exploring this curated list of High Five’s favourite cannabis shops. 

For more options, check out our full Cape Town Cannabis Map, featuring all dispensaries and clubs across the city.

Cape Town Cannabis Map: Find all dispensaries & clubs near you

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