Our Story

Greetings! We're Nika and Simon, the passionate duo behind High Five.

The High Five journey started in 2023, in the Mother City of South Africa, Cape Town, after we made it our new home.

After sampling various local edibles, we jokingly bet our local friends we could make better gummies — much more flavourful. We won that bet. Our friends ended up happily sprawled on the couch, stoned and smiling, albeit on the losing side.

Driven by our initial success and the charm of South Africa, we brought High Five to life. These gummies harmonize the beauty of local nature and unique flavours, and consistent cannabis effects, all in the iconic paw print shape of the Big Five animals.

Along our journey, much has changed, but our commitment hasn't: crafting delicious and fun products that brighten your day. We're excited for you to try them and become part of the High Five story. Catch a High Five!

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Commitment to Excellence

As we continued to explore cannabis industry in South Africa we realized that with many local products consumers couldn’t expect a consistent result which meant spinning the roulette wheel each time you try edibles. This uncertainty was shaking overall confidence in edibles as people simply feared eating TOO MUCH. Happened to many of us, huh?

We knew this had to change.

So, we set two straightforward goals for High Five gummies:

1. To make edibles consistent.
2. AND to make them delicious.

After testing a multitude of different recipes we humble ourselves in achieving both.

Thanks to 3D printing technology we managed to create that iconic “High Five” print mould with consistent amount of pectin-based jelly per gummy. This allowed for maximizing the natural flavours in our gummies while annihilating that “Herb Flavor” you may have tasted in other edibles.

Combined with rigorous lab testing, love for cooking delicious sweets, and even more experimenting, it all led to the High Five gummies you can enjoy today — rich in flavour, consistent in effect, and truly fun.